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What Makes a Home Energy Efficient and Why It Matters?

In the State of Florida, the average home spends a couple of thousand dollars in energy costs each year, with the bulk of these expenses being electricity. Appliances, electronics, and air conditioning are all necessities and at the same time provide comfort, but they don’t have to break the bank. When upgraded and properly maintained, they will save you a lot of money.

Heating and Cooling expenses

While your home’s heating and cooling expenses depend on your location, many factors will affect your HVAC equipment’s efficiency.

With the proper maintenance, an HVAC unit is meant to last around 20 years, but even if your ten-year-old company still functions properly, replacing it for a newer, more efficient model will be more cost-effective in the long run in terms of energy bills and maintenance.

Modern HVAC units are rated on their SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating, with the lowest rating starting at 14 SEER. The highest been 21 SEER; keep in mind that even with a 14 SEER rating, these units are dramatically more efficient than older units; if you are looking to upgrade, a 14 or 16 SEER will be an outstanding, reliable choice in terms of initial investment and monthly energy savings.

Other factors that drastically affect your heating and cooling expenses go from properly fitting and functional windows to the level of insulation of your home, all through high up on the list of important, these factors are not easy to correct. Replacing the windows in your home will undoubtedly make it more energy-efficient, but it will come with a high price tag of tens of thousands of dollars. While the insulation might not be as expensive as window replacement, you can not just crack open your home and start insulating it. 

Newer Appliances

Besides the number of people living in a home, the cost of electricity is driven by your appliances’ age and efficiency.

New appliances are a great way to add savings to your monthly budget. An old refrigerator will use as much as 50% more electricity than a more modern model; the same goes for an electric range or even a dishwasher. 

The functionality that new appliances offer is worth the price, considering they will save you money in the long term and improve your family’s quality of life and comfort.

Why does it matter?

Upgraded home energy efficiencies might require an initial investment; keep in mind that these upgrades will maximize your energy-saving potential and will eventually pay for themselves by reducing your monthly energy expenses. You must consider that your home should be where you want to escape to, not from. The comfort that these upgrades will provide you and your family can not be measured other than by the satisfaction of a cool home during the summer’s heat or the enjoyment that using a new appliance bestows.

If you are thinking about buying a home and saving money on utility bills while giving your family the comfort they deserve, do not forget about Energy Efficiency Upgrades. 

You can also consider a newly built home. It will have energy efficiencies already included in the sales price, which will save you money and the time, effort, and the aggravation that these upgrades will require in an older home that needs to be updated.