Dad and son with arms behind their head sitting on their home entrance floor, giving the impression of freedom and comfort.
New Construction

FOCUS your life on LIVING

Financial advisors and experts recommend spending less than 30% of your gross monthly income on housing and no more than 50% on month to month expenses. In reality, most Americans spend more than what the experts recommend. Housing is a necessary expense; it is essential considering whether or not your home is contributing to and improving the quality of your life and your family.

How would you like to spend your time and money?

Even a small list of projects in your home may seem overwhelming, and when you consider that you are working day in and day out to pay for this home and all of its defects, it starts to feel like a project.  Wouldn’t you rather spend your days off doing the things that you love? Playing with your children, camping with friends, walking your dog, taking a short trip with your spouse, having family and friends over for dinner, or just living.  

Hey, suppose you enjoy taking a trip to the Home Depot and choosing the perfect drywall and love plastering the edges of that new patch of the wall while creating a smooth surface that,t after painting. In that case, it will look like it was never even there, and the entire project will make you feel like Michelangelo, then, by all means, do that! But if this is not you, then it is time to think about your HOME-LIVING situation.

It benefits everyone, including your pocket.

When you are paying for housing, you should enjoy the benefits of a place that needs nothing but to be filled with love and happiness, this is a place where you and yours feel comfortable and enjoy every corner of it and every minute spent inside.  It should give you peace and a sense of safety.

If you are currently planning a move or looking for a new place, remember that at least 30% of your paycheck will go towards your new home. PLEASE do not fall for the “charming feel” or the “character” of an old house; if you are still reading, then we have established that you are not Joanna Gaines. You MUST think about the number of small issues or even an entire renovation project that will need tackling. 

Unless you can get all of these ventures completed before you move in, you will most likely end up spending all of your free time and money for the next year in house repairs. If you run out of funds, these “SMALL” projects will be part of your life for a long, long time, and trust me… THEY WILL HAUNT YOU!

Do yourself a favor and invest in a home that will give you the freedom you need to put all of your FOCUS towards LIVING the life you deserve.