Why Focus 360?

Focus 360 is a leading provider of innovative visualization solutions for the real estate industry. They specialize in various services, including virtual staging, 3D renderings, and virtual tours. Focusing on creating immersive and engaging experiences for potential homebuyers, Focus 360’s solutions help builders showcase their properties in stunning detail. Their portfolio features impressive examples of their work, highlighting the power of their visualizations to help buyers visualize themselves in a space.

With over 30 years of experience, Focus 360 has established itself as a trusted partner for those looking to elevate their marketing efforts with cutting-edge technology.

On top of launching our new website this year, we’re thrilled to announce our latest partnership with them! What can you expect from this partnership?

1. New & Improved Interactive Floorplans

Easily compare & contrast home series

With the ability to easily compare and contrast home series, homebuyers can now make informed decisions about their potential future homes. 

See options added in real-time to the floor plan

The platform also allows homebuyers to add upgrades and options to their preferred floor plan, giving them a finalized visual of their home’s floor plan.

Auto or custom furnish every room

This feature allows homebuyers to get a sense of how furniture and decor will flow into the floor plan. You can choose from various furnishing options per room, including chairs, beds, desks, and more, all with detailed measurements.

Accurately measure the blueprints

Take furnishing a step further by digitally measuring the floor plans blueprints. This ensures homebuyers can make informed decisions about the size and layout of their new home. 

Save and/or share via print or email

Never lose your finished home! Conveniently save and share your customized blueprint via print or email to easily collaborate with family and friends while making home-buying decisions.

2. Award-Winning Photo-Realism Renderings: Coming Soon!

With Focus 360, every rendering achieves a level of photorealism almost indistinguishable from photographs. Our new renderings will soon include ambient lighting and natural landscape scenery to portray your home’s appearance in real life. Capturing the distinctive features of each home series and various exterior elevations, soon every photo on our website will emulate professional photography flawlessly.

Discover your new home series today.