New Construction Homes Without The Stress

When building with Focus Homes, you can leave the custom home building stress up to us. Our experts conveniently created floor plan and color package options to help streamline the process for every buyer. Our preselected packages allow you to focus on living in your new home, instead of worrying about making thousands of decisions from doorknobs to hinges to lighting.

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Easy as 1, 2, 3

Step 1: Choose one of our five locations in Florida

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We currently build in Citrus Springs, Lehigh Acres, Orange City, Palm Bay, and Poinciana. 

Step 2: Choose one of our six home designs

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Our series consists of the 1273, 1443, 1546, 1867, 1876, and 2692. Ranging from three to five bedrooms and one to three bathrooms, the name of the design represents the square footage of the house.

Step 3: Choose one of our interior & exterior color packages

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And that’s it! 

Focus Homes offers the same quality homes as custom home builders with less stress. 

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When building a custom home, your choices are nearly unlimited, leaving you stressed about design decisions and budgeting. With Focus Homes, you can focus your life on living, instead of stressing about the nitty-gritty details that come with new home construction. 

Stay on budget when selecting one of our homes and preselected packages. Reach out and get started today!