Why Purchase a Home in Florida?

A new job. Family. Retirement. There are plenty of reasons you may be looking to move to Florida. While entertaining the thought of a fresh start in another state, remember it adds a few more layers to the home-buying process. Luckily at Focus Homes, we take care of the tedious laws, building codes, and property lines across state borders, so the process is simple for you!

Below, we’ve compiled three tips to help you successfully purchase a Floridian home with us.

Tips For Purchasing a Home Out of State

Plan a Visit

Research various cities, and community plans to find where you want to visit. Once you pinpoint where you can see yourself living, plan a visit and schedule tours for the homes you’re most interested in. Our online concierges are available to help schedule tours for any Focus home you’re interested in purchasing.

Utilize Virtual Technology

Advancements in technology have made the prospect of out-of-state home-buying more manageable. Before planning a visit, or if you’re unable to arrange a visit, utilize our 360 tours to your advantage. You can virtually tour an of our six floor plans and discuss options with our community specialists via video calls. They can also help guide you through the virtual buying process from start to finish.

Obtain a Mortgage

Remember that mortgage regulations differ in every state. Getting pre-approved with our preferred lender FBC Mortgage is the easiest way to ensure your loan will in Florida if you’re out of state.

Whether you’re moving due to an occupation transfer, buying a second home, moving into your retirement home, or just simply looking for a change, Focus Homes is here to help you navigate through the complexities of purchasing a home out of state. Get started today.