What is a Spec Home?

A spec home, also known as an inventory home or a quick delivery home, is a new move-in-ready home typically built without a specific buyer in mind. Spec Homes are brand new houses that are built before a homebuyer makes a purchase. With a spec home, all the options, upgrades, and stressful decisions have been made for you. The builder primarily determines the design to be most attractive to a potential buyer based on customer feedback, shoppers, and industry trends. Spec homes are an excellent option for many on the house hunt, especially those pressed for time! With today’s delayed construction timelines, a quick delivery or spec home might be perfect for you. 

What Type of Homes Does Focus Homes Offer?

Homebuyers have six beautiful different models to choose from 1273, 1443, 1546, 1867, 1876, 2692. We’ve put a lot of thought into our floor plans, eliminating the need for any true changes, options, or upgrades. We do, however, offer select add-ons, such as a concrete slab for the back patio and/or complete appliance packages. Our design experts conveniently packaged together countertop, cabinetry, and flooring options to take the stress out of new home construction shopping that is common with other builders. Although we do not offer swimming pools, decks, and lanais, we recognize it’s popular amongst communities. We’re happy to recommend various local vendors to help you incorporate items that are beyond the packages we provide. 

Overall, our goal is to offer affordable, new construction spec homes with high-quality standards. Every series is designed with an open-concept floor plan and energy efficient and wind-mitigation building practices. Offering a limited selection of spec-only homes with included features allows us to offer you a stress-free experience, while keeping prices low.

You can check out our current selection of quick delivery or spec homes.