Often credited as the coziest spot in a house, the master bedroom is usually the most sought-after area of a home. Since this room is the largest, most spacious establishment in a home, homeowners eagerly look forward to claiming it as their own. Place it in the wrong location, and the master bedroom quickly becomes undesirable. In such a scenario, it is left to gather dust as the homeowners lounge around in a different room!

If you are looking at blueprints for a new home, choose the perfect location for your master bedroom by keeping in mind a few factors. These include:

The Nagging of Noise

If you are a light sleeper who is jolted awake by the sound of cars rolling on the street, your master bedroom shouldn’t be in a zone exposed to the traffic outside your home.

On the other hand, if you place this room above a noisy kitchen or a bustling home office space, it will be filled with the clanking of pots and pans and loud, hurried conversations.

To find some respite from the noise, position your master bedroom towards the back of the house where it is quieter or above a silent reading or meditation space.

Lights That Are Too Bright

Enjoying a restful night in your master bedroom becomes difficult when street lights barge in from large windows that open up to the road! Additionally, if you like to sleep in, you will grow frustrated with sunlight as it enters through the curtains every morning.

In deciding where your master bedroom should be, go for spaces that aren’t decorated with massive windows, if you don’t have an affinity for bright lights.

The Assurance of Accessibility

If you have young children or elderly parents who live with you, the ideal location for your master bedroom would be a spot accessible by both. Doing so will ensure that your loved ones can reach you quickly in case of an emergency and vice versa.

For accessibility reasons, opt for the ground or the first floor as the spot for your master bedroom. Avoid the second floor as it would place you at a great distance from your family members.

Eliminating climbing stairs to get to your master bedroom will also be a smart move if you encounter mobility issues.

It’s always best to be prepared for a rainy day, and if an injury or accident temporarily affects your motor skills, you’ll be able to reach your room with more ease if there aren’t any stairs in the picture.

Master bedrooms can be breathtakingly beautiful while simultaneously giving you a space to rest and recuperate. Make the most of them in your new home!